Jewelry Metals 101: Intro to the Metals used in Our Jewelry Collection

Noble Metals

These three metals have been used over millenniums and stood the test of time. They are precious, found only in small quantities over the world, and used as currency even till this day and through out human history.  


Gold has captivated and fascinated us human for centuries, and is considered one the most beautiful metals. Gold never tarnishes and is one of the most workable metal. That's another one reason they are also loved by jewelry makers. Gold also can be molten down and reused, in order to turn old pieces into new jewelries.

Pure gold is often mixed with other metals and become gold alloy. Gold alloy is the most popular metals being used in jewelry making. Karat is used to describe the purity of gold alloy. 24k would indicate it's pure gold. Aolani Hawaii used the most popular 14k gold for jewelry making. 14k mean 14/24 part of gold, which means the alloy contains 50% of gold.

Mixing pure gold with other metal also change its color, and gives it more characters. Aolani Hawaii offers traditional Hawaiian heirloom Jewelry Rings in 14k White, Yellow and Rose/Pink Gold, and other accessories as well.


Next in popularity is non other than Silver. Silver is much available and abundant than gold. Therefore it's much more affordable. Silver is not only found in jewelry only. A lot of electronic circuit contains silver, because silver is a very good conductor of electricity.

Just As as gold has gold alloy. Pure silver is also mixed with other metals to become silver alloy. Aolani Hawaii used what's called 925 sterling silver, one of the most popular silver alloy for jewelry making today. 925 means 92.5% of the metal is silver, and the remaining 7.25% is mostly consists of copper. Mixing silver with copper also strengthen the hardness of the silver alloy, making it suitable for jewelry making. An interesting fact to compare 925 sterling silver to a US silver coin, which only contains 90% pure silver and 10% copper.

One unfortunate thing about silver is it tarnishes over time. Silver can tarnish just by the touch of air. It's a chemical reaction between the silver and the hydrogen sulfide found in the air we breath every day, adding to it, our sweat, perfume, and other pollutants in the air. But simple home made solution or cleaner can be bought to clean off the tarnish easily and keep its shine and luster.

Aolani Hawaii offers traditional Hawaiian heirloom Jewelry Rings in 925 sterling silver, and other accessories as well.


Even rarer the gold, platinum is the ultimate metal in premium jewelry industry. Just as gold never tarnishes, platinum also won't tarnish over time. Platinum being used in jewelry making is relatively young, one reason is due to its rarity, and refining platinum is proved to be a very dangerous process. As with all technology, now the process has been improved, platinum is gaining popularity, often used for wedding and engagement ring, due to its incredible durability, it has become a symbol of strong bond in the union of marriage.

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