Price Matching Policy

Lowest Price Match Policy

We understand the internet has brought great power to consumers , enabling them to find the best deal when shopping online. Aolani Hawaii will meet that challenge and match and beat our friendly competitor's pricing if you do find a product that Aolani Hawaii offers, with the same design, style, material, material, available from another online retailer. When you purchase a ring or any accessory from us, you'll also receive our excellent and worry-free exchange and return policy.

Please send us an email at with the product you want to purchase and the link to the other retailers' website showing a lower price. After we verified and approved the prices, we'll send you a link and instructions to proceed with the purchase at a price even lowered than our friendly competitors.

Rules for qualifying our lowest price match 

  • The item thats intended to purchase must be currently in-stock at the online retailer's website and on at the time of the price match request
  • We reserve the right to verify the price of the identical, in-stock item at the online retailer's website (i.e., size, model, quantity, brand, color)

Exceptions to our lowest price match guarantee

  • Price from wholesale sites, auctions or requiring memberships
  • "Marketplace” prices and prices from third party sellers are not qualified. (including but not limited only Amazon and Ebay )
  • Prices that cannot be determined independent of other items, such as fees, shipping charges
  • Offers that include financing
  • Prices that require minimum quantity purchases
  • Items that have been listed as "going out of business", Clearance,Liquidation,Close out, Special Hour/Flash/Limited Quantity offers
  • Damaged, Used, or Refurbished items
  • Pricing or typographical errors
  • Private brand Price Matches
  • Advertisements that require a purchase to receive a gift card
  • Deals from Groupon and other similar sites