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Being part of something special

Congratulation to Kameko and Mark on being married on Aug 08, 2015. Aolani Hawaii was so honored to take part in their wonderful wedding ceremony.

Aolani's Tungsten Abalone Wedding Band Set was used by Kameko and Mark as wedding bands, the ultimate symbol of love and commitment to showcase their unconditional love for each other.

Tungsten rings are gaining popularity for the reasons of having the property of being very strong, one of the strongest elements available. Tungsten rings are made to last, and best of all they are very affordable and comes in various styles.

Aolani Hawaii's goal is to make every single one of our customers smile. We have served over thousands of customers just like you and received countless positive feedback. There're many stories behind these pictures, which customers sent back to us and wanted to share their precious moments with us. Aolani Hawaii was happy and honored to be part of their stories. And we'd love to be part of yours too.

Last but not least, we'd like to thank prettypearbride.com for allowing us to share Kameko and Mark's precious moments with all of us. 


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