Mens Tungsten Ring - Why Tungsten Carbide Ring Can Be Your Next Best Ring Purchase Choice

Tungsten Carbide Rings vs. Others

Tungsten carbide rings or just tungsten rings are increasingly gaining popularity among wedding couple's as their choice of wedding bands.

Tungsten carbide ring is highly scratch resistant.
It's one of the main reason why tungsten rings are chosen over other type of more traditional rings, such as gold, silver or platinum. If your partner like to wear his/her ring daily, tungsten carbide ring is a very good choice.

Tungsten ring is very affordable compared to gold and platinum.
With the rising price of precious metal such as gold and silver, tungsten makes a very sensible and cost effective purchase. A pair of tungsten wedding rings cost less than a single gold or platinum ring purchase.

Tungsten ring has a silvery color, similar to that of silver, white gold and titanium.
Another wining property tungsten carbide rings have is, it won't loose its shininess over time. Traditional gold and silver rings will oxidize and needs polishing to bring back the shine. Tungsten rings will always look shiny and new.

Tungsten also has a a heavy weight, which makes the ring feel more solid and many men prefer the heavier weight of tungsten rings.

Tungsten carbide rings can have different inlays and stone setting to enhance its look. Aolani Hawaii specializes in Hawaiian Koa Wood Tungsten carbide rings.